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August 7, 2013

To be an effective ministry leader is to be a problem solver. Problems and big dreams always go together. The Book of Acts describes how the early disciples not only took advantage of unexpected opportunities but also solved complex problems on their way to fulfilling their mission.

  • How would they replace Judas (1:20-26)?
  • How should the physical needs of the church be met (4:32-37)?
  • What should they do with the widows from Greece (6:1-7)?
  • What should the church do when they face persecution (Acts 8:1-5)
  • How should the gospel spread beyond the Jews (Acts 10)?
  • Should believers in Antioch help out with the famine in Jerusalem (11:27-30)?
  • What does one do about false doctrine (15:1-35)?
  • How should John Mark be restored to ministry (15:36-40)?

Being a leader is to invite problems into your life and into the lives of others.  Being a good leader involves developing the skills to solve those problems. 

We invite you to bring your problems and a team to Dallas on October 2-3, 2013 (We’ll begin with dinner together on the 2nd). You’ll come away with a solution to your problem and a process for solving future problems. For more information on cost click HERE.

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