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Your Problem…Our Process

April 17, 2013

Any time we move toward accomplishing something great, pursuing something worthwhile or doing something that has never been done before, we will create problems. If you don’t want any problems, the solution is simple; don’t ever want to have anything, be anything or do anything. Then you will only face the problems that come from doing nothing. Moses had few problems until he decided to deliver Israel from bondage. David had few problems until he stepped up to face Goliath. Nehemiah could have remained relatively problem free had he not stepped up to the task of rebuilding the wall.

The Book of Acts describes how the early disciples not only took advantage of opportunities but solved complex problems on their way to fulfilling their mission. How would they replace Judas (1:20-26)?  How should the physical needs of the church be met (4:32-37)? What should they do with the Grecian widows (6:1-7)?  What about the famine in Jerusalem (11:27-30), false doctrine (15:1-35) or John Mark (15:36-40)?  Being a leader is to invite problems into your life and into the lives of others.  Being a good leader involves solving those problems.

On October 3, 2013 Leadership Network will host a unique “One Day Experience” at our Innovation Space called “Your Problem, Our Process”. We are inviting 6 churches to bring a team of three leaders who want to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity that will get them “unstuck” or take them to the next level of effectiveness and impact in their ministry.

For the past 27 years Leadership Network has been helping churches move from ideas to innovation to impact. You will come away, not only with a solution to your problem but also with a process that will help you solve problems going forward. For more information click here or contact or

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