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Your Invitation to a New Kind of Church Unity

September 30, 2013

How many times have you been told that your charge is to “go and make disciples of all nations”? Whether your first thought went to your global missions strategy or to your local community outreach plans, you and your ministry leadership team are all about going and making disciples of all nations in today’s context.

I want to extend a special invitation to you and your team to join us in Long Beach, California on November 5-6, 2013 for the Mosaix 2013 Multi-Ethnic Church Conference . Join the growing movement of pioneering ministry leaders passionate about moving toward transforming their churches into diverse faith communities. Diverse not only in their ethnic makeup but diverse in all ways – ethnically, socially, economically, and willing to traverse all kinds of cultural barriers to create a new kind of church unity.

Over 400 ministry leaders have already registered for this groundbreaking conference. With only two months to go before we gather in Long Beach, there is still time for you to gather your ministry team and join us. The Mosaix 2013 Multi-Ethnic Church Conference includes 60+ speakers, 15 tracks, 60 workshops, 30 sponsors, a bookstore filled with multi-ethnic ministry resources and networking opportunities with today’s innovators in North American multi-ethnic ministry.

Be sure to check out the local church sponsor packages and the opportunity to join the Mosaix Global Network  of ministry leaders devoted to supporting and expanding multi-ethnic ministry. We need your support to continue the work that so many have begun toward transforming their ministries to reach our increasingly diverse society.

Watch this two-minute video from Matt Chandler, senior pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas and President of the Acts 29 Network inviting you to join us in Long Beach in November.



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