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You Know You’re a Leader If You Care about Your Budget

October 11, 2016


By Warren Bird, Ph.D.


infographicscollage Leaders constantly monitor their budget trends, so Leadership Network has prepared two infographics, each drawn from original research and each designed to provide helpful benchmarks from the latest in large-church research.

1.  “12 Top Salary Trends Every Church Leader Should Know” comes from a study of 1,251 large churches that shared salaries, budgets and staffing circumstances. This 14-page graphic-rich report offers select metrics on pay raises, bonuses, total staffing costs, top salary predictors, outsourcing patterns, and more. It also includes a participant overview and an international section, mostly Canada. It’s released in partnership with Vanderbloemen Search Group. You want this report if you what to know:

  • What percent of budget typically goes to staffing costs in larger churches?
  • What level of raises, bonuses, and retirement contributions where made in the most recent budget year?
  • What’s the attender-to-paid-staff ratio in larger churches?
  • How much of a typical larger church budget goes beyond the walls of the congregation?


2. “How Can These 13 Vital Benchmarks Increase Generosity In Your Church?” is a look at 13 benchmarks to assess giving potential. We sat down with the number crunchers at MortarStone, which has analyzed more than $1.5 billion in personal church giving, and asked them to calculate various benchmarks from new givers to big givers. This report can help you learn:

  • What percent of a church’s giving typically comes from new givers?
  • What’s the normal rate at which first-time givers become second-time givers?
  • What percent of a church’s general fund typically comes from those giving units who give $200 or more a year?
  • How many giving units does it take to contribute $1 million in the typical church?


Take a look, and then let us know what you think! You can also find these and other salary-related resources at

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