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May 25, 2011

While others were planning on getting caught up this weekend, I spent the weekend catching up on the news after a long week in Dallas.

A few stories to share:

First from Chicago where Pastor Charles Jenkins of Fellowship Missionary Baptist led the prayer of dedication at the inaugural of the new mayor of Chicago. You know how most folk make this a boring occasion? Charles does not. See it here:

Charles Jenkins bringin down the house!
Charles and Fellowship are in our Rapid Growth Group and Generosity Lab.

And down in Louisville I saw that Sojourn Church had released this video about a new CD.

A special new worship CD:

I love how they tie the music back to a new hymnody that was centuries ago. (Hat tip: Resurgence blog)

Daniel Montgomery, lead pastor, is an alumni of our Next Gen program and the church has also been in a few labs.

A story that caught my eye and has the flavor of our Missional Renaissance program comes from Memphis. This news story describes the program of Christians being trained to teach in the hardest schools of Memphis. It is somewhat a “Teach for America” just for Memphis.

Not sure how long that link will last but love the idea.

And to answer the question from last week. #staffinfection online conference had about 6000 participants. From all over the world.

We trended on twitter in the US….Bogota…..and Mumbai. Go figure. It was fun.

Biggest question from some? How do I get asked to speak at one of these things? Answer: we tend to work with our alumni of our programs.

And finally, I leave today to spend about 18 hours with Cedarcreek Church’s staff up near Toledo. They are alumni of several of our Leadership Communities.

I love this story from the local news station up there about their new campus in South Toledo:

“A Big Boost for the neighborhood”

I love how the neighboring businesses are welcoming and excited to have Cedarcreek in their shopping complex.

Elsewhere I have seen businesses complain (usually to try and keep a church out) but Cedarcreek has really proven to be a good neighbor and you would think the businesses in some strip centers that are suffering would welcome the influx of people.

Watch the story and comment and feel free to comment on any of the above. I would love to hear your stories and impressions

And find out more about our primo programs for church leaders here on this page: {filedir_5}programs/

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