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Working on the Parts Helps the Whole

May 10, 2013

The title phrase here is one I hear a lot from our clients after one of our Leadership Community Gatherings. And it has proven true whether they are one of our Life Stage groups just for Lead Pastors or for one of our team gatherings.

A few of our Leadership Communities focus on the Whole of the local congregation being served. Our new What’s Next? Community is definitely one of those. (more information here)

And our Life Stage Communities like Next Generation and Senior Pastor 2 focus on both the personal and organizational leadership issues that impact the whole of the congregation. (see here)

But many more of our topics drill down into vital ministries that enable many other things to happen within the congregation. So, for examples, our Leadership Development Leadership Community (link ) works with a team to focus the efforts of all the Leadership Development processes within your congregation.

Or, our new Beyond Digital Leadership Community is focused on the themes relating to how the “everything that can be digitized will be” as well as the counter forces that the church must address that keep relational authenticity and integrity intact.  (see here)

While both of these examples address “parts” of the ministry of your church, the impact is spread amongst all the congregation’s ministries.

Secondly, our team based processes teach teams a new way of working. We have heard and seen this many times with the churches involved in our communities. The teams that come “get infected with the virus” of collaborative planning and learning, visual maps, cross discipline thinking and imagining and tell us how they have applied that not only to the focused area at hand with their Leadership Community project but across the board in their church.

We often see versions of our planning templates applied to other areas of ministry when we visit the churches prominently posted on a team’s work area. They describe how they now conduct all staff meetings using our Fast Fire principles to get at information and resource sharing quickly and compactly. They use some of the technology tools we use in our space to quickly get everyone on their team up to speed.

I share all of this because our processes are designed to work on PARTS and WHOLES.

I will let you in on a key secret though.

Those church teams that come with their Lead Pastor(s) tend to:
a. Make more progress and
b. Apply our tools widely across their church

This results in many areas of the church’s ministry being accelerated for the future.

So click onto our pages now to see some of the upcoming Leadership Communities and InnovationLabs we have launching soon. We welcome your interest as we help you envision, dream, plan and execute great ideas to get them to implementation and impact.
More info here  and here.

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