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What Will Your Church Look Like in 30 Days?

October 30, 2017

What if your church could make significant progress in the next thirty days in a key ministry area? Every leader wants to see results. And Leadership Network’s new Implementation Lab will help you go from ideas to implementation to impact in the next month!

Not only will you sharpen your skills as a leader, but you’ll make great progress on your ministry plan and goals each month. Plus, you’ll learn from our experienced and knowledgeable Implementation Lab faculty around a specific ministry theme each month. The goal is simple: we want to see you move your marker — to see significant progress in your ministry plan and goal in the next month. Then we’ll ‘rinse and repeat’ each month in a different area. Bite-sized, actionable steps each month that are designed to make a real difference in your ministry! And all from the people you trust at Leadership Network!

Why Should I Be a Part of the LAB?

Every leader wants to get better, and every leader wants to see results. The LAB will help you do both. Here are some specific ways that being a part of the monthly LAB sessions will help you as a leader and your church as a whole…

  1. Greater Impact in a Shorter Time – Our focus is simple — what can you do in the next 30 days to actually see some movement? What are concrete, tangible steps that you and your staff can take to move the needle in the next month? Each month, we’ll look at a key ministry area (like generosity, leadership development, small groups, vision and more) to help you develop a game plan that will help you see some real results. The goal: a greater impact in a shorter time.
  2. Experienced Faculty – You’ll learn from some great leaders and have access to excellent content. Imagine sitting in a room with some of the greatest church leaders every month — people like John Ortberg, Carey Nieuwhof, and Dave Ferguson. You’ll have the opportunity to learn solid, proven ideas that will help you implement a real plan of action at your church. The content you’ll receive is amazing, and the impact this can have on your church is substantial.
  3. New Topics/Plans Each Month – Each month, we’ll tackle a topic that will help develop your church into a healthy community. Over the course of the first year of the Implementation Lab, you’ll learn how to grow your church younger, minister better with your spouse, better utilize your financial resources, how to dream big and reach your city better, and how to lead change better.  The topics and speakers are designed to be practical and implementable. After each lab session, you’ll walk away with a smart plan of action that you’ll set in motion immediately.
  4. Live “Office Hours” Connect You With Experts – Each month, you’ll be able to join Leadership Network’s Research Director, Warren Bird, for a live ‘office hours’ call. Dr. Bird will take your questions on that month’s topic and you’ll be able to really drill down, along with other lab members, into the topic of the month. Ask your questions… give some input… bounce off ideas. Our monthly office hours will be a great asset in moving your implementation plan forward.
  5. Execution Templates Keep You On Track – A plan is always better when it’s written down. So each month, we will provide you with an Implementation Plan Execution Sheet that will help you organize what you’ve learned into a precise 30-day plan of action. This execution sheet will help you keep on track and ensure that you hold yourself and your team accountable as you implement what you’re learning each month.
  6. Private Peer-Learning Facebook Group – When you’re a member of the Implementation Lab, you’ll also have access to our private Facebook group that will allow you to connect with other members of the Lab to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate together. 
  7. Short-Form Videos Give Extra Ideas – Each month, we’ll also include a number of brand new resource videos on the monthly topic. These are great content pieces by leaders and pastors like Matt Carter and Larry Osborne that will help give you additional ideas and perspectives on the topic at hand.

We’d like to invite you to our FREE PREVIEW of the Implementation Lab on Tuesday, November 7 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.  You’ll hear from some of our Implementation Lab faculty and hear about how we can help you and your church move from Ideas to Implementation to Impact in the next 30 days!

RSVP HERE and we’ll see you there!

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