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Why We’re Seeing More Churches with External Boards

June 10, 2014

Church boards have been much in the news of late. For example, we see more churches with external boards these days, especially prominent churches – why is that? What are the pros and cons to external vs internal board? What are the board’s limitations and legal responsibilities about setting executive compensation, especially for the senior pastor, and about senior pastor succession? What’s the board’s role, if any, when there’s a potential conflict of interest – such as pastors writing books, using the church as a platform to promote the book, and keeping the royalties? Same with churches where the pastor wants to own personal title to the church property or other assets that donors have funded?

This wide-ranging interview gives practical insight to ways your church board can be more effective, both suggestions for moving forward and “no no’s” to avoid.

With Warren Bird as host, the interview draws the expertise of Dave Travis, CEO of Leadership Network, whose writings include Beyond Megachurch Myths: What We Can Learn from America’s Largest Churches; and David Middlebrook, co-founder of Church Law Group, whose writings includeNon-Profit Law for Religious Organizations.

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