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Why do Leadership Development Programs Fail? and other captures

February 24, 2014

I don’t get to preach much anymore but I wish I would have had Evernote when I was preaching regularly. One of the great tools to capture illustration material (and to answer a few inquiries, Evernote does not pay me for these plugs.) On to the links.

Some Sermon materials (including video for you to watch if you go soon). Now I am not sure what you want to illustrate but I save a lot of things like this because I know eventually I will have a need.

All of these come from CBS Sunday morning – I get to catch a few minutes and it is always full of good, short clips, even if you just tell the story verbally.

This one comes in the “what?” – The Fine Art of Cuddling – therapists that get paid for what happens in many churches each week. I don’t think I would show this clip, but the story is interesting. I get it. And I have always found the gift of giving “non sexual physical affirmation” powerful especially to the older widows.

You can’t judge a person by their profession – A tough teacher is a softie who gives himself away.

And another one where the janitor at the school eventually becomes the principal. All because a principal saw this potential some years ago.  As they say – “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.”

On to thought links now.

I read multiple pastor blogs, mostly to keep up with our client churches. But I also try and follow multiple other pastors from non client churches to keep a pulse on pastor’s hearts.

Here’s one that caught me this week from Wade Burleson, a pastor in Oklahoma. The Uncomfortable Nature of Kingdom Work is similar to many stories I hear in our Lead Pastor groups. They know they feel uncomfortable with certain practices and struggle to make changes because it violates some things “they said they would never do.” But then they try. Read this to understand how a pastor wrestles with the issues not only in their own heart but also with their church’s leaders who are now left to wonder: “Why are we changing something that has worked for us?”

Four Principles about Setting Priorities – captured from Peter Drucker. Look at this one every day this week.

And finally, because focus a lot on this at Leadership Network: Why Leadership Development Programs Fail from McKinsey and Company.

And if your church is thinking about Leadership Development, check this out: Leadership Development.

That should do it..feel free to reach me at dave(dot)travis(at)

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