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Who Will Write the Next Chapter in Your Church’s Story?

January 29, 2014

It should be you!


In the fall of 2013 we launched the What’s Next Leadership Community.  This community is designed as a working lab assisting churches in the discovery and development of the next chapter of their church’s story.  The interactive working sessions expose you to new ideas from the Church and other sectors including business, science and the arts. You build models of what the future may look like and then rebuild them for your church based on the feedback from other teams. You develop measurable plans that will lead to real results for your church. In short, your team moves from creative ideas to actionable implementation leading to powerful impact.

Our first group launched with nine exciting, innovative churches.  The environment was electric as senior leadership teams explored and developed the “thesis statements” for their story and began to flesh out the outline and associated action plans. For a brief taste of some of the ideas explored, check out this podcast by Dave Travis from our first meeting.

Because of the huge success of this launch we are planning on adding a second group this year.  The dates and details are located here. To indicate your interest in being involved, let us know by completing the brief information here.

We hope that we may be able to serve you through this unique opportunity.



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