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What’s on Your Mind? With Tim Catchim

September 10, 2012

Up next in our “What's on Your Mind?” series is Tim Catchim.  Tim recently co-authored The Permanent Revolution: Apostolic  Imagination and Practice for the 21st Century Church with Alan Hirsch.  Known as a multi-vocational entrepreneur, Tim's heart lies with church planting and helping at-risk youth. Join me as we take a moment to visit with Tim and ask “What's on your mind?”

1. What big issues or concepts are you currently thinking about or working on?

The biggest issue in front of me right now is making disciples. There are plenty of resources out there on the vertical aspect of being a disciple. There are not that many resources out there about making disciples, the horizontal dimension of what it means to follow Jesus. So I have been focusing all my attention on this lately.

2. What book are you reading right now and what are you learning from it?

I have been reading a really insightful book by Robert Hamerton-Kelly entitled The Gospel and the Sacred. This book is fantastic when it comes to looking at how our tendency to imitate each others desires shows up in the life of Jesus and specifically the events and teachings surrounding his death. Really instructive when it comes to explaining how Jesus as a victim, provides the way out of our intrinsic impulse to imitate each others desires, which can often lead to to violence and a vandalizing of the potential for sustainable peace and community.

3. Other than the Bible, what book has been the most foundational for your ministry?

This is a hard one because no one book plays that role for me. I can mention three: Victory over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson, Cruciformity: Paul's Narrative Spirituality of the Cross by Michael Gorman and The Agency of the Apostle: a dramatistic analysis of Paul's responses to conflict in 2 Corinthians by Jeffrey Crafton

4. Where do you go to explore new ideas? What kind of environments inspire you?

The internet for sure. Specifically google books, and wikipedia. Also, right now, I live 40 min form the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, so that is a juicy collection at my disposal to swim through. As far as environments, I love a good training workshop where practitioners provide tools and axioms from their experience.

5. Just for fun: what’s your favorite coffeehouse beverage?

Caramel Mocha Frappuccino …mmmmm


To learn more about Tim Catchim follow him on Twitter and/or visit his website.


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