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What More Pastors Say about “The Other 80 Percent&”

April 12, 2012

We're getting some amazing feedback from The Other 80%: Turning Your Church’s Spectators into Active DisciplesI was moved by this email from one pastor who read it. Here are excerpts of what he said:


Thank you for the book – I enjoyed it!


For one thing I agree with your overall assessment that Jesus calls us all to ministry, and that means that we all need to be involved at whatever level we are capable of performing.

Also, I agree that churches need to “work” better at getting people involved, not for the sake of involvement, but for spiritual growth and fulfillment.

Another important point (maybe the most important) is learning to listen – not just to the 20%, but everyone.  I admit that it took me years to learn “how to listen” effectively.  It is something that is an acquired skill.

One thing I am going to do right away is change the name we give to members.  I have thought about this for a while but reading your thoughts on membership gave me the impetus to make the change.  Several months ago, I changed the bulletin to read:

                               Pastor:_________ [his name]

                               Ministers: The Congregation

People picked up on right away – and liked it!

Next month I will be welcoming to the new church its newest “Ministers.”  In the bulletin I will say that the church is adding new people to its “Ministry Team.”  Thanks.

God Bless,

Pastor ________

This pastor, who I’ve never met, really gets what the book is all about. He sees that it’s important to pastor everyone who identifies with his church, and that different groups within the church need different strategies and approaches, most of which start with good listening. And he saw how practical the book is, because he’s putting it right to work – and with good results. Don’t let this issue be the frog in the kettle for your church – the problem that’s always there, but creeps in so slowly that you don’t notice the temperature change until it’s too late!

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