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What Is Necessary for Church Planting to Go Viral?

April 14, 2010

Viral-Churches-amazon-recommends This week Amazon sent me an email about a book they thought I’d be interested in, based on other books I’ve bought. The book they recommended is VIRAL CHURCHES, which I co-wrote with Ed Stetzer. Today the publisher mailed me a bunch of author copies. So it’s off the press and available for all!

Here’s what you’ll enjoy in the book:

1. Great stories of people who have shifted from planting churches to birthing movements. This is the difference between addition and multiplication.

2. Great advice from a new set of heroes: people who are leading church planting networks.

3. Great discussion about the Biblical basis for building replication into everything you do. You’ll have new perspective on a lot of passages.

4. Great statistics about church planting. Did you know that at the 4-year mark, 68% of churches are still going? (This debunks the myth that 80% of new churches don’t make it past their first year.)

5. Great practical ideas for how to be more involved in the “new evangelism” – church planting.

Viral-Churches-LNs-the-Show Yesterday Ed and I did a 30-minute discussion with Q&A on the book. It’s on THE SHOW and is archived here:

See also recent blogs here and here each with a short written interview from the authors.

This book has huge potential to reshape a lot of conversations and hopefully to contribute to a dramatic shift in how church planting is approached in North America. We warmly invite and urge you to join that conversation, and hopefully Viral Churches will help more people do so.

Warren Bird, Ph.D., is Research Director at Leadership Network, and co-author of 21 books on various aspects of church health and innovation.

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