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What I told the School Superintendents – Part 1

July 12, 2010

Back in April I had the opportunity to talk to a gathering of public school superintendents from across the country. The group, organized by an organization that acts very similarly to Leadership Network, had come to our Dallas Collaboration Studio to talk about Megachurches and to investigate how we do our work.

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It was great fun that day. I had fun telling my stories and drawing on the white boards trying to help many of them get their heads around how megachurches help build communities.

Think for a minute – what do you really know about large scale school systems from the inside? We all have impressions, based on perhaps a school system in our own community or something we saw on the news once or twice. Or perhaps one of your parents was a school teacher. (Like my mother) So we see many schools through their lenses.

It’s the same with other “outsiders” when looking at the megachurch movement in the US. They saw something on the news once, or read it in the paper, or perhaps they are a part of A CHURCH that has its own distinctives, but they don’t have a sense of the diversity and breadth of these organizations.

So my task that day was to talk about Leadership in Large Churches and to talk about the practices that could be adapted by schools.

This series of blog posts will try to capture some of the things I dropped on them that day that were a result of our dialog.

The first one is “This is the best time ever to be a leader.”

More on that tomorrow.


Dave Travis

Managing Director

Leadership Network

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