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What are Your Three Words?

February 18, 2013

Just a little over ten years ago Leadership Network convened our first gathering of multisite churches and leaders.  Much has happened in the multisite movement since that initial meeting.    When we first gathered, terminology such as campus pastor, original campus and central support systems, didn't exist.  Today these phrases and roles are a part of the common vernacular of the Church.  The conversations about physical property have expanded to include establishment of campuses online and thoughts about extending reach across town have grown to include across the country and literally around the world. Last summer, we gathered ten of those pioneering churches for a conversation that we called Multisite: The Next Decade.  Check out this link for a series of blogs that recapped those sessions or read it, watch it and talk about it through our Leadia Interactive Experience App here.  

Just a couple of weeks ago, we reconvened the teams online to get updates on their work and guide conversations leading to action plans for the next year.  One of the tools we used was an exercise we called “Three Words,” inspired by a blog post written by Chris Brogran. Chris is CEO & President of Human Business Works, a business design company using publishing and media to provide tools and smarts to help professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave. The core of his concept  – “Think of three words that sum up what you want to work actionably on changing/improving in the coming year.”  was the foundation of our exercise and the team's work.  Whittling down a long list of potential candidates to just three resulted in development of razor-sharp focus that we believe will help these churches move quickly from ideas to implementation to impact.

We thought you might like to know what some of the triads were for these churches.  Included among the reports were the following:

  • grow, acquire, execute
  • systems, funding, recruiting
  • profile, processes, presence
  • find, launch, solidify
  • passionate, radical, missional
  • communication, culture, vision

What would the three words be for you … for your team … for your family?  Share you thoughts via the comments and follow the conversation on Twitter via @leadnet.


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