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What Kind of Churches Get the Most Volunteers?

August 8, 2017


By Warren Bird, Research Director

Our newest report, “8 Launch Wins” (free download below), explores fascinating discoveries about new churches and new multisite campuses. One of the many questions we surveyed involves the percentage of adults who “volunteer regularly.” We learned:


– How does volunteer involvement compare?

– What types of churches get the most volunteer involvement?

– If you send people out to a new campus or church plant, are they more likely to go as spectators or volunteers?

The graphic is one of 14 different visuals in the informative report, covering everything from discipleship practices to attitudes about multiplication. Together they raise new understanding on issues that planning teams and launch teams want to know. For example:

  • Should we plant a new church or open a new multisite location?
  • Should we initially rent and be “portable” or should we immediately lease/buy something “permanent”?
  • How do we become more effective at making disciples of Jesus Christ, and not just at gathering a crowd?


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