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What If You Could Be a Healthy Leader AND Grow Your Church?

February 12, 2019

If you found a group that would help you grow healthier as a leader and grow your church in healthy ways, would you join? How much would it be worth to you to be a better spouse, parent, friend, pastor and co-worker? What about to the people around you?

One of the premier experiences we offer at Leadership Network is our Leader Groups. For more than a decade we have been gathering hundreds of leaders – seasoned Senior Pastors, up-and-coming “NextGen” Lead Pastors, Executive Pastors, female leaders, and more – in year-long experiences that put them in the room with true peers, trusted mentors, and select members of our team, to encourage them in their current season of ministry while giving them the tools and insights to prepare them for the next.

And do you know what these leaders say about their experiences?

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Leadership Network.”

“I have had two great group experiences–both perfectly suited for my life and ministry stage.  I would be poorer for having missed either and am much richer for having been part.”

“Our church is positioned to reach new heights.  I appreciate the partnership with Leadership Network’s and the new friends I’ve made along the way.”

We even had one pastor who said:

“Leadership Network saved my life.”

Wow. What an amazing space God has invited us into. It’s a privilege and responsibility we don’t take lightly. We believe some of the greatest work we do happens among those groups of leaders. And whether it is with us or someone else, we want every pastor to have the opportunity to journey alongside other leaders who care about their hearts, their families, and their futures.

But here’s the thing: being in a group like this is hard.

It’s a big commitment of time. Meeting for three days, three times over the course of the year, with video calls in between each gathering…that’s a lot of time you probably don’t think you have.

It’s a big commitment of energy. Investing in the lives and ministries of 12-15 other leaders requires emotional and spiritual energy. The journey we’re on isn’t always smooth and downhill.

It’s a big commitment of resources. This level of experience requires an investment of thousands of dollars over the course of the year in fees and travel expenses. If you don’t understand the lifetime value, you probably won’t think it’s worth the short-term costs.

It’s a big commitment of yourself. Laying yourself out there in front of a group of high-caliber leaders takes guts. You may not think you have the courage to do it.

But doing the things that matter most, and doing them well, requires great commitment. And what if it changed your life? Your marriage? Your family? Your church? Would it be worth it?

Let’s be honest: being in a Leader Group isn’t for everyone. You must be willing to be open, to be transparent, to invest deeply in the lives of others and to allow others to invest deeply in you. You have to be humble, hungry, and real.

If you could join a group like this, would you?

We have 7 new groups launching this year. Groups for:

  • NextLevel Pastors – Lead/Senior pastors 45 and older leading churches of more than 2000 average on the weekends.
  • NextGen Pastors – Lead/Senior pastors under 45 years old leading growing churches of more than 1000 average on the weekends.
  • XPs – Executive Pastors leading in churches averaging over 1000 on the weekends.
  • Female Leaders – executive-level women leaders in churches of all sizes.

These groups are filling up fast. If you’re ready to invest in yourself as a leader, and in the health and growth of your church, complete the form below and we’ll help you determine if a Leader Group is right for you.

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