Multisite Movement Continues
to Grow:

Latest research findings from our latest national survey

Sep 12, 2019 | 2 p.m. Eastern

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Leadership Network has been actively tracking the multisite church movement for over 20 years. In the spring of 2019, Leadership Network partnered with Generis, a church consulting firm, to conduct a brief survey to take the current pulse of the movement. This online survey was conducted by inviting churches known or suspected to be multisite churches in both the Leadership Network and Generis databases.

Respondents reflected 89% that are currently multisite, 6% that are planning to be soon, 2.5% that used to be multisite, and 2.5 % that have never been multisite. 

In this webinar you will discover the latest learnings from the multisite movement.  


Learn about the over 15 new findings from the latest national survey

See how churches are engaging the new trends

Get insight into what's next for the movement

Consider the implications for your church

in partnership with


Josh Whitehead

Program Director of
Multisite Programs

Dr. Josh Whitehead serves as Leadership Network’s Director of Multisite Ministries and has served churches all over the country. Josh also serves as Executive Pastor of Faith Promise Church, a multisite church with 5 campuses in Knoxville, TN.

Greg Ligon

Chief Operating Officer at Leadership Network

Greg has been with Leadership Network since 1997. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he is involved in strategic planning and oversees implementation to propel the organization forward. During his time at LN, he has also directed many of the experiences related to multisite churches, Leadership Training Network and spearheaded strategic services for the organization. Greg is also one of the authors of The Multi-Site Church Revolution and A Multi-Site Church Road Trip.


Chris Mavity

Director, Multisite Services at Generis

Ministry is always exciting when the opportunity for expansion presents itself. That’s where Chris Mavity lives and works. A “hand to the plow” leader, Chris’ ministry has centered around the expansion, advancement, and enhancement of church ministries throughout the country. Chris spent twenty years at North Coast Church – located in San Diego County – where his Multi-Site ministry acumen was conceived and developed. 

This webinar is over. Follow @leadnet on Twitter to be updated on the next one!


As you know, we have been on the multisite journey for many years now. And Leadership Network has for years convened multisite leaders and provided great resources including Multisite Church Revolution and Multisite Church Roadtrip. Perhaps their greatest contribution though has been the important research they have conducted through the years. I am excited for the update.

Multisite Solutions

In the very beginning of our modern-day multisite movement – Leadership Network was there. Advancing the cause with their editorial voice, catalyzing events and strategically placed resources they, as much as any organization, fanned the flame of those early pioneers. Today, Leadership Network continues to be a friend of all multisite churches with resources, connections and research that prove invaluable!


This webinar is over. Follow @leadnet on Twitter to be updated on the next one!


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