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Webinar: Keys For Identifying, Developing And Retaining Volunteer Leaders

January 22, 2017

One of the common challenges we hear pastors across North America struggle with is, “How do I effectively identify, develop and retain key volunteer leaders for ministry both inside and outside of the church?” How a leader addresses this challenge has a tremendous impact on the growth potential of their church.

To address this issue, we invited Jon Ferguson to join us for our webinar “Keys for Identifying, Developing and Retaining Volunteer Leaders.” Jon Ferguson is one of the founding pastor of Community Christian Church in Chicago. Community has grown from a handful of people to a church with 13 locations and hundreds of volunteer leaders throughout Chicagoland. Jon provides leadership for our Staff Champions, helping them and their teams develop teaches throughout all that they do.

In this video, Jon Ferguson shares how they identify, develop and retain leaders at Community Christian:

  • What do you look for in selecting volunteer leaders?
  • How do you invite or challenge them into a process of leading and being developed?
  • How do you use apprenticing to get volunteers ready to lead?
  • What role does ongoing coaching play in the ongoing growth of leaders once they are deployed?

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