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Ways to Strengthen Your Church Leadership Team

December 21, 2012

Just released: Searching for Strong Senior Leadership Teams: What 145 Church Teams Told Us.

Most churches have caught onto the idea of doing leadership as a team, but how do you know if your team is any good? More important, what can you do to improve your senior leadership team’s effectiveness? Co-author Ryan Hartwig and I crunched the data and came up with 10 practical ways. These include:

– Making sure your leadership team has a unique, specific purpose. This will be different from the mission of your church as a whole. It shows how your team helps accomplish that overall mission.

– Making sure your team’s activities match your team’s priorities.

– Clarifying who is on the team and why. The average team in our survey had six members. More interesting was when we asked members of the same team how many people were on their team, they gave different numbers! Roughly two-thirds of the churches (at least 63%) gave differing numbers, which indicates a lack of clarity regarding who is on the team and who isn’t.

For all 10 findings, each with commentary and examples, click here. It includes opportunity to take the survey yourself, if your church wasn’t part of Wave One.

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