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Wayne Cordeiro: Draw the Line

March 29, 2011

It might seem small, but it’s huge. The difference between failure and success is very small. Very small is very big. I had a hard time saying “no” because I loved people. I loved ministry. People are going to take everything they can from you. Not because they are bad, but because they are needy. I would be responsible to draw a line. To make sure the flame of my soul was kept hot. If I let it go out, I’d carry on the activity, but my heart was gone. Sequoias (trees) fell because foot traffic loosened the soil. Now there are fences around the roots to protect them. We’ve got to put sacred enclosures around our souls. Otherwise we’ll keep going but without a soul.

Another problem I had: When I’d take a day off, or invest in family, I’d say, “I lost a day.” Now it’s “I gained greater power/influence/flame in my soul” “I gained a day” First, identify what God has called us to do. That’s what’s most essential.

You won’t know what to say “no” to. 85% of your life anyone can do. 10% of life someone with a modicum of training can do. 5% of your life no one can do but you.

God is going to hold me accountable for what I’ve done, as much as how much He asked me to do. Gain a day, several times. God will tell you when to do it. You’ll feel it in your soul. You’ll gain greater power.

Discussion Questions:
1. Describe how you have put a sacred enclosure around your soul.
2. Tell what greater influence or power you gained the last time you “gained a day.”


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