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Waterparks and Senior Pastors

May 23, 2016

Do you remember the water parks of your youth?    Your visit included multiple rides down the exhilarating slippery slide with scary turns or the slide that seemed to drop you straight down into the pool, both screaming and laughing the entire 5 seconds of the ride.  Woo Hoo!! Of course, a visit always included a cool dip into the inviting, yet ominous wave pool.  Everything seemed calm and smooth in the water until the horn bellowed and the engines started to whirl.  Suddenly, the calm water turned into continuous rolling waves that turned a lovely relaxing float into a frantic dog paddle for the side of the pool.  Ah, the fun of those summer days.

Ironically enough, the journey of a Senior Pastor seems like a water park experience at times – without the water (unless you count the baptisms).   All at once the days can go from exhilarating to scary; from being in control to out of your control; from the calm turning into chaos.    Wouldn’t it be great to have a group of Senior Pastors to wade with you through the Senior Pastor journey?

IMG_4222 We are beginning a new Next Generation Pastors in October for Senior Pastors who are age 25-42, leading a church with a weekly worship attendance of approximately 1000+.  We have a limited number of spots available for this group.  If you desire to connect with Senior Pastors in similar stages of life and ministry, be equipped by ministry experts and mentors, as well as be encouraged in your unique calling as a Senior Pastor, we want to invite you to a conversation. Find out more information here, as well as how to contact us today to be a part of this and other Leader groups.

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