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Want a Crash Course on Using Data to Engage Your Church?

April 23, 2019

Whether you’re a blog writer, a social media strategist, a small business owner, or a small group leader, engagement is what you’re looking for. Engagement is the Holy Grail of sales, marketing, and e-commerce, and it is no different for the church. No matter if you’re trying to reach more people in your community or grow the people in your pews, leaders must find ways to increase engagement if they hope to fulfill their God-given mission.

For the past two or three years, Leadership Network has been pointing churches toward the use of data as a means of increasing engagement among its members and future members. A growing number of pioneering church leaders have participated in our Engagement Accelerators in order to learn to leverage data effectively to address mission-critical opportunities and obstacles in their churches and communities. These premiere experiences have produced some remarkable results!

For those of you still sitting on the sidelines wondering how to dip your toes in the data-informed waters of church engagement, we have an opportunity for you that launches next week!

The Engagement Mini Accelerator is a 6-week, online experience designed to help church leaders understand how to use first-party data to make better decisions that increase engagement in their churches. Understanding and responsibly utilizing first-party data – the data you already collect and own – is the starting point for all leaders on the path to becoming data-informed. Our online Mini Accelerator will help you and your team get started on that journey with a simple yet highly insightful data experiment guided by our team. Throughout the six weeks, you will:

  • Learn to use data – Understand how to use first-party data to make better decisions in your church.
  • Know the value of engagement – Appreciate the strong correlation between engagement and the future of your church.
  • Build a customized plan – Develop a unique plan to take engagement in your church to the next level.

The cost of the 6-week experience for your team is $299. There are only a few spots left and we launch next week. Click or tap the button below to learn more and reserve your spot today!


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