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Walter August: All You Need Is Love

January 24, 2011

All You Need Is Love

What I consider to be a game changer in the heart of our ministry over the last few years. What sticks most in my heart is love.
The church has embraced this community, embraced people.
– God has done a remarkable work within this body. 2010 was a tremendous year.
– In last 7 months, 1000 people have joined the church.
– The heart of it is the church embraced, fell in love with, rededicated ourselves to the community.
– Serving, meeting needs, out of love.

We know what love is, talk about, teach, we pray about it, hug on one another.
– Having transparency in loving roles is paramount
– Love breaks down barriers
– Love draws to people to church
– Then they have an opportunity to hear the gospel
– Church is a safe place

The community is being strengthened.
– The name of the church has gotten out to be good.
– People are talking about us and praying for us.
– The community is taking ownership of the church.

Three things I speak to myself every morning, in the mirror.

I’m going to be a:

– great pastor
– a good husband
– a good father and grandfather

Going to be a leader who is a servant
– This ritual keeps me focused.
– It’s an encouragement, empowerment, rejuvenation.

We want to be a Kingdom partner.
Our love for God’s people.
My personal transparency as leader, pastor.
Committed to strengthening other churches.

Discussion Questions:
1. What does your community think of your church? Do they pray for your church?
2. As a church, how do you share your blessings with other churches?

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