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VIDEO: How You Can Invest in the Lives of Other Senior Pastor Couples

August 11, 2016

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You’re a pastor of a large congregation.  You understand the importance of taking time to stop, spend time with your spouse, and rest in the Lord.  It hasn’t always been easy to do.  But you’ve found a way.  Perhaps others have helped create a way to carve out this critical time when you needed it most.  Making that investment in yourself has brought health and longevity to your marriage and your ministry.

What if you could create a way for other Senior Pastor couples to rest and reconnect?  What would that investment mean for their marriages and the Kingdom?

In this video, Leadership Network Director, Chris Mattix, talks about the Mentor Pastors Network, a unique opportunity for pastors like you to make a difference in the lives of other Senior Pastor couples and the communities they serve.

If you feel that being a Mentor Couple would be a great fit for you and your spouse, click on the button below and complete the brief form.


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