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Video: How Do You Accelerate Generosity and Giving in Your Church?

July 25, 2016

If you are like most pastors and church leaders you didn’t get into ministry to raise money. You want to transform lives and cities and the world in Jesus’ name. But, if you have been at this for a while, you know that it takes financial resources to build a ministry that can make that kind of transformation possible.

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The HUB:Generous Churches will help you to create a comprehensive strategy to inspire greater stewardship and giving in your people and create a culture of generosity in your church. Join other well led and effective churches as we tackle critical issues like:

  • The role of the pastor and team in generosity
  • Ddiscipling high capacity givers
  • Using metrics to measure and accelerate giving
  • Leveraging the weekend experience to encourage stewardship
  • Preaching and teaching generosity because of what you want FOR your people, not FROM them

The HUB experience is fast-paced and results-oriented and could be the catalyst for you and your team to breakthrough and finally have the resources you need to fully accomplish the mission God has given you. Listen to Director Chris Willard talk more about HUB:Generous Churches.

Space is limited for our November gathering.  To apply for a spot for you and your team, click or tap on the button below.


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