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VIDEO: Don’t Let “Give” Become a Four-Letter Word in Your Church

September 28, 2016

You have a bold vision for your church.  But funding that vision can be a challenge.  Strategies and systems from years past no longer provide the margin necessary for growth and impact.  Economic hardships, changing lifestyles, and competing causes can create an environment in your church that leaves little grace for talks about giving.  In some churches, “give” quickly becomes a “four-letter word.”

What if you could develop a culture in your church where giving was a natural part of growth and discipleship?

Leadership Network Director, Chris Willard, describes how HUB:Generous Churches can help your church accelerate giving in a way that encourages spiritual formation.

If you’re ready to accelerate giving and generosity in your church, we want to help.  Space is limited.  To learn more or apply for a spot in our upcoming group, click on the button below.


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