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How To Write a Book, Updated Publishing Updates

September 19, 2013

Got a book inside you? Many ministry leaders wonder how they might publish a book. Having co-authored 31 books and advised on many others, here’s a blog I wrote awhile back on the subject, and recently updated: Turning Your Idea Into a Book.

Want tips on how to write a proposal? See Chad Allen (of Baker Books) here. If you’re a first-time author, you’ll most likely need a proposal.

Trying to figure out the dramatically changing world of publishing? Here’s a blog I wrote on that topic, which I also recently updated: Hard Times for Publishers, Great Times for Readers

Here’s a recent interview Leadership Network did with me about my perspectives as a writer.

One of the toughest things to do is to edit yourself. I always have colleagues read early drafts of my books to make constructive suggestions. I ask, “What’s the one most important change I could make?” They typically suggest more than one! Here’s a link to a bunch of good tips on editing, the third one giving you a tour of very helpful software. This article describes 5 different types of editing you might need, and places you can find each one.

Controversial: When it comes to publicizing your book, is buying your way onto the bestseller list wrong? Here’s a great article with history, examples, pros and cons.

Finally, on occasion people ask for a list of the books I’ve authored or co-authored. Here’s a list with short descriptions and publisher links: here.

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