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Upcoming: Multicultural Worship Leaders Conference

July 20, 2017


Are you ready to be a person of influence across cultures and ethnic groups?

Whether you lead an existing multicultural ministry or you desire for your ministry to become multicultural, the challenges that you will face are unique. Conventional leadership principles don’t always translate from mono-cultural to multicultural environments. Where can you go to be equipped for success in our ever-changing cultural environment?

The Multicultural Worship Leaders Network is hosting a conference in Columbia, MD, on November 2-3, 2017. This conference will be a hands-on workshop for those worship leaders already in diverse settings, for leaders who are looking to transition from mono-cultural to multicultural worship, or for those curious about what something like that would look like.

Come be a part of this hands-on conference, where we will have meaningful discussions around race and culture, creatively solve existing problems within your ministry, and share ideas to help you move forward in bridging cultural divides through worship.

The Multicultural Worship Leaders Network exists to inspire, equip, connect, and resource this growing and courageous group of leaders. The conference is designed to INSPIRE and INFORM leaders, and help you IMMEDIATELY APPLY what we learn in our time together.

Watch the following short video to see who needs to attend:

Watch Nikki’s discussion about Culture Coaches in this next video:

For more information on the conference:

Nikki Lerner is a cultural coach and translator and a gifted musician whose primary instrument is voice.  Bridging divides between people of different cultures through music and conversation is Nikki’s passion.  In addition to being an artist and songwriter, Nikki is also a sought-after speaker, worship leader coach, and co-author of the book Worship Together: In Your Church As In Heaven.  She currently serves as the Worship Director at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD, an intentionally multicultural church.  You can connect with Nikki at

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