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April 8, 2008

While in San Diego for a regional conference for next gen Asian American Christians, I extended my stay past Saturday night so I could swing by for a quick visit at The Rock Church, pastored by Miles McPherson. Here are 5 things that I noticed in my quick 15-minute visit:

Img00390A local TV station was on site in the lobby interviewing what church members thought about the church’s JC’s Girls ministry. The reporter wanted to find out more about this ministry that reached out to those who work (or used to work) in adult entertainment and/or sex trade. This sure shine a light of hope in dark places — nothing like the word “sex” to grab one’s attention. (also, this San Diego Magazine article, “Saved by the Stripper” covers this ministry

Other unusual ministries that I noticed were the mime ministry, the 4×4 ministry (yes, a sports ministry for off-roading — now I have a church that’d more than welcome my Nissan Xterra), and a quilting & needleworks ministry. Lots of creative ways to connect people together!

The beautifully renovated church building is a
former Navy training center known then as Building 94. A legacy wall exhibition was dedicated as a memorial to honor the men & women who served our country, with terminals to maintain an active registry.

As for the preaching that Sunday, the auditorium was filled to capacity, and the back of the stage lit with a bigger-than-life video-projected mural. I noticed Pastor Miles making the sermon dynamic and very interactive, asking the audience to “talk back” with prompts like “let me hear you say”. I still remember Miles getting a chant going: “SFP — security, friendship, provision”, as he taught through the Ruth and Boaz story of the kinsman-redeemer.


Img00383And my 11-year old son sometimes has to tag along with me when I do my work of visiting churches and conferences. Not much fun. But, this time we lucked into a promo weekend for their children’s ministry, and they had this moon bounce setup outside! They were kind enough to let my son bounce in there by himself for 3 minutes or so — what a delight!

That’s my snapshot —  The Rock Church is rocking san diego!

— DJ Chuang, Leadership Community Director @ Leadership Network

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