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Unusual Gathering of Large-Church Hispanic Pastors

September 9, 2010

On October 12, senior pastors of large churches with large Hispanic constituencies will travel to Dallas for some important and strategic closed-door conversations. We have a few seats left. Interested pastors may learn more and, if appropriate, register at: 


Rick Warren will join the day’s discussion via live Skype video, as will Sam Chand. But the day’s main emphasis is the sharing of ideas and dreams – smart people showing each other how they’re addressing challenges of leadership development, finances, ministry multiplication, and evangelistic outreach.

Leadership Network has sponsored specialized forums like this for years. Amazing things happen when you get people together who are on the same ministry page – typically those with the same church role, same ministry direction, and same church size range. They’re often asking the same questions as each other. Usually each one present has found a breakthrough that others benefit from hearing. Rich friendships also develop.

gilbertvelez We held an initial gathering of Hispanic megachurch pastors earlier this year, which I blogged about here. The group enthusiastically wanted to meet again, and soon, and to  involve other peers. Both gatherings are co-sponsored by Gilbert Velez, himself pastor of a Hispanic megachurch, and also chairman of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

Churches that minister to Hispanic-heritage people are one of the fastest growing segments in this country. Never has there been a greater need to develop friendships and to network together in Christ – sharing vision, ideas, resources and advice. If you lead – or know of someone who leads – a large church with a significant ministry to Latino populations, please click the link above to learn more or to contact us with questions.


Warren Bird small Warren Bird, Ph.D., is Research Director at Leadership Network, and co-author of 21 books on various aspects of church health and innovation. His recent “Leadership Network” books blogs include Updated Publishing Updates, Beyond Christendom Says Migration Keeps Transforming the Church, Terrific Biography of Rick Warren, The Soviet Plot to Kill God, The Worst Moment in Most Church Services, Excellent Resources for Church-Based Grants, Do White Churches Hold Others in Cultural Captivity?and Church Merger Phenomenon Continues to Expand,”We're Tired of Trying to Microwave Church Leaders” (1 of 3), “We're Tired of Trying to Microwave Church Leaders” (2 of 3), “We're Tired of Trying to Microwave Church Leaders” (3 of 3),The Christian Century on Megachurches

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