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Troy Gramling: Face the Pain

May 18, 2011

Pain. Our ability to handle pain determines our success in whatever it is we are leading. Pain is something we normally avoid. Not all pain is bad. James 2 – consider it pure joy, brothers, when you face trials . . . There’s a problem when our leadership becomes about pain avoidance. When we lead avoiding pain, we become very cautious. No risk, not quick to opportunity. When we lead out of pain, we tend to please the wrong people. We tend to please the people who cause us the greatest pain, and more times than not, they are going in the wrong direction. God uses pain to mature us. Growing businesses, growing churches, growing lives are growing because they make the hard decisions. Difficult decisions are always a people decision. People calls are painful. As leaders we are caught in the middle. Needing people, loving people, and leading people. So how do you lead out of pain? The pain causes us to be more effective. There’s a day when people don’t want to go the way God wants to go. These four things are needed to lead in pain. -Be sober minded. -Endure suffering (It’s going to hurt; don’t give up). -Do the work of the evangelist (be around new people – they are hungry, excited, passionate). -Fulfill your ministry (even though you are hurting, don’t quit).

Discussion Questions:
1. What painful experiences have caused you to lead for pain avoidance? What can you do to overcome this?
2. If you have to lead through pain, do you still want to be in leadership?

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