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Top 11, 10, 9, for 2011

January 4, 2012


Eleven: During 2011 we did an extensive project that identified 11 trends and innovations in top churches. Topics ranged from “team collaboration” to “community engagement.” Here’s a quick overview of the topics, with free download links to each.

Ten: In sort of a “Top 10” series, we itemize resources released from Leadership Network in 2011. They include new leadership communities and innovation labs, books, concept papers, videos, blogs, and more. See

Nine: During 2011 my Twitter @warrenbird pointed to well over 100 data points helpful to church leaders. Here are 9 from roughly a year ago:

3/15/11: Can a church be sued over social media issue? helpful links, Christianity Today,

3/10/11: Should you have 1 or 2 Saturday night services? See my blogpost at @warrenbird – Add your insight as well.

3/1/11: What is census saying about U.S. future? Surprise: direction is suburban over back to cities, Joel Kotkin in Forbes

2/19/11: Church giving fosters generosity: The more you give at church, the more you also donate to other groups

2/7/11: What's a church's economic worth to its community? Answer: lots! Study tallies 54 different types of contributions

2/3/11: How underchurched is your state, county or city? US & Canada maps with ratio of population to churches

1/27/11: US Muslims number 2.6M today, projected 6.2M by 2030. Globally 1/4 of world population, says today's Pew study

1/19/11: Updated American Factfinder released, do searches with U.S. census data, Short virtual tour

1/10/11: Excellent interactive tool: find unchurched communities, map your area's religious makeup, run custom reports

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