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Time and Place Set for Services for Bob Buford

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A few weeks ago, we informed you that Bob Buford had died. The response from you was overwhelming. Every message you sent meant a great deal to us.

For those that missed the official announcements, you can read them here:

Leadership Network Announcement

How to Add to the Book of Days

While he was buried in a private graveside service earlier, we now have plans for a service celebrating Bob Buford to be held in June.

All friends, pastors and church leaders, Halftime Institute Alumni and all Bob’s fellow travelers in life are invited to be present with his family that day.

Day:             Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Time:           2:00 p.m. Central
Location:    Northwest Bible Church, 8505 Douglas Avenue, Dallas

If you plan to be present with us on that day, please do us the kindness of letting us know by completing the RSVP form to help us with planning.

Those responding will get additional information about parking and other details related to activities on those days.

Thank you for celebrating Bob’s life and legacy with us.

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