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These Churches Influence You More than You Realize!

July 29, 2015

Book cover1Elmer Towns, the original compiler of “biggest church” lists in the 1960s, has spent more than 50 years visiting, interviewing, studying and writing about high-influence churches. The problem for most of us today is that we know only the recent crop. A lot of great insight can come from learning who influenced them, and how.

The title of the book makes a huge claim: The Ten Most Influential Churches of the Past Century: And How They Impact You Today. To tease your interest, I did this video interview the author about some of the then-and-now perspectives on the book.

I helped encourage Dr. Towns, who is also the co-founder of Liberty University, to write this very readable book, and I was privileged to co-write the foreword, along with my friend Ed Stetzer.

I’ve read, underlined and dog-eared pages from lots of Elmer Towns books, but his latest is a new treasure trove of insight about church innovation. Watch this video and decide for yourself!

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