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The Significance of Recovery Ministry

February 25, 2014

An increasing number of American churches are diving headlong into a life-altering ministry-recovery ministry-that is meeting the deepest needs of the most deeply damaged in society and in our churches. Case studies in this paper explore four motivators for churches as they consider venturing into the choppy waters of recovery, relapse and restoration. Leadership Network’s concept paper, The Why’s Behind the Movement: The Significance of Recovery Ministry in Today’s Church, previously published by Andy Williams, continues with ideas of how to widen that funnel to move from good deeds to good news.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“Recovery is not about those people, the ones who are seen as really having problems-it is about all of us.”

“When we started the church 15 years ago, we didn’t want to just be a large church. We wanted to affect deep life change. We weren’t getting it done.”

“Recovery ministry gets into people’s lives at the deepest level, and prepares them to be the church.”

“Recovery ministry is part of the natural evolution of things that are necessary to help people become what they need to be.”

“We don’t want recovery to be a secret ministry in a back room on an off night of the week, or some

secret society.”

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