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The Way of Jesus: A Journey of Freedom for Pilgrims and Wanderers

August 5, 2005

The Way of Jesus: A Journey of Freedom for Pilgrims and Wanderers

by Jonathan Campbell

The Way of Jesus is written for those on a journey—from spiritual sojourners to religious refugees. With a focus on our yearning for the Spirit and spirituality, this book opens pathways for experiencing the powerful simplicity in the life and Way of Jesus. All journeys are spiritual by nature, even if we can’t always see the full picture of where God is leading us or why He is leading us there. In their own twenty-year journey, Jonathan and Jennifer Campbell have joined with others to rediscover and embody the life of Jesus. They share a way of living out our spirituality from the core of our being to the very connections that define our humanity. The Way of Jesus weaves their poignant story with a thoughtful exploration of the intersection of culture, community, and spiritual identity. Their adventure is a journey with Jesus toward freedom and a life filled with his love, truth, and power.

“The Campbells lovingly guide us toward an authentic and living encounter with Jesus without all the religious paraphernalia often associated with the institutional church. This book is a gift to those seeking to follow Jesus faithfully in a way that makes real sense to twenty-first century seekers.”
—Alan Hirsch

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