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The Revolution Awaits

July 12, 2012

Did you know that the average Christian in American only gives 3% of their income to the church, yet the amount of space occupied by self-storage containers in America is equivalent to more than three times the size of Manhattan Island?    With those facts in mind, churches are beginning a new revolution to change our perspective from “want want want” to “give give give.”   It is the new type of evangelism.

In this significant Leadership Network concept paper by Chris Willard, he tells many stories of how amazing, over the top generosity is changing the landscape of our churches.  Rather than a maturing Christ-follower simply needing prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and serving others, churches are now adding generosity to that mix.  And the impact of generosity continues to have profound results.  In addition, the recently released book by Chris Willard and Jim Sheppard, Contagious Generosity:  Creating a Culture of Giving in Your Church, gives you further insight into how to make generosity an integral part of your church culture.  Don’t pass by this free download or book as you and your church take hold of the generosity revolution.

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