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The Power of Words

May 20, 2010

Authentic Communicaton Over nearly 25 years of marriage and ministry and 21 years of parenting, I have learned, sometimes the hard way, the power of words. I have made clumsy attempts to communicate the gospel to skeptical college students and careless comments to my wife and kids.  There have also, thankfully, been times when I have been able to express myself in a way that communicated love and led to genuine understanding.  I think that all of us would like to become  better communicators. 

I recently finished reading a great new book from the ICP Academic series called Authentic Communication, by Tim Muehlhoff and Todd V. Lewis that I think will help many Christ-followers become more effective communicators.  The book unpacks a helpful overview of the components of communication and then devotes full chapters to practical issues like coflict resolution and the Christian perpective of pop culture. 

This book would be a great for a church staff to read together and discuss.  I think you will find that it will help you and your team communicate more effectively with each other and the people you are caring for in your church. 

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