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The Mulligan

January 8, 2008

When I travel I often take along an “easy reading” book.  On a recent trip to San Antonio I decided to read, The Mulligan.  It is a parable, a story about second chances.  Written by Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard, it is a fun and thought provoking read.  And, as I had anticipated, the perfect kind of book for plane travel and relaxing time on a family vacation.

As I read, I enjoyed the story.  In particular I liked the Old Pro who offered simple wisdom and perspective on golf.  The lessons carried well from the links to life. 

One of the goals Wally and Ken have for this book is to help people who love golf, but don’t yet know Jesus.  You might find this to be a helpful book for friends and family members who enjoy the game of golf and are still on their journey toward the Savior.

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