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The Monkey and the Fish

February 1, 2009

The Monkey and the Fish

by Dave Gibbons

Our world is marked by unprecedented degrees of multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, social shifts, international collaboration, and technology-driven changes. The changes are profound, especially when you consider the unchecked decline in the influence, size, and social standing of the church. There is an undercurrent of anxiety in the evangelical world, and a hunger for something new. And we’re sensing the urgency of it.

Praise for The Monkey and the Fish

“In this book Dave quotes somebody saying Jesus is the trickiest part of the Christian faith to understand and the most difficult part for churches to keep alive. That gauntlet-dropping reality is what The Monkey & the Fish is all about. It’s about the essence of Jesus. It’s about renewing a proper perspective for this most extravagant, humble lover of humanity. It’s especially game-altering for those whose intention is to be doing works in his name in the 21st century. And it’s a manifesto for far-reaching change that couldn’t be more timely.” Jeff Brazil, Pulitzer Prize Winner

“Can we really make a difference in today’s culture? Dave Gibbons inspires Christ-followers to get outside their self-absorbed bubble and break the box of conformity. His challenging writing will move you to passionately seek opportunities to love God’s people in an innovative way.” — Craig Groeschel, Pastor,, and author, It

“Like it or not, the world is changing faster than the latest Intel Pentium chip can process. Some, like a child trying to stop the waves from reaching the beach, plant their feet in futile resistance. Some hope only to adapt and survive. But others want to become adept and thrive—ahead of the curve. Dave Gibbons is uniquely designed by God and given to the church for a time such as this. Any who are willing not just to ride the momentum but perhaps even to contribute to and shape the future need to read this book. It is for you!” — Neil Cole, Author, Organic Church, Search and Rescue, and Organic Leadership

“Dave Gibbons thinks differently than the rest of us. With eyes wide open to the new global village in which we now live, he calls us to a new way of being the church, a third-culture way that stands in sharp contrast to big, brash, rich, and comfortable American-way churches. This is an important book which comes to us in the midst of tumultuous times, filled with stories, wisdom, and a challenge to be the people of God in this new world.” — Richard Peace, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Dave Gibbons is an revolutionary thinker, a big dreamer, and a thought leader that we should all pay close attention to. I’m positive The Monkey and The Fish will disrupt your current understanding of culture as it did mine. This is not simply a book but a brilliant field guide to the future.” — Mike Foster, President of Ethur, Author of Deadly Viper Character Assassins

“Don’t read this book. Tear it open! Chew on it. Get it down no matter what it takes. Some of the flavors will be unfamiliar and some of the textures a little too gritty, but this is nourishing stuff. Dave Gibbons goes way beyond providing new ideas for ministry and instead challenges us to new ways of encountering, imagining, and living in the world. My life is likely to be a lot messier and hopefully way more faithful to Jesus after my collision with The Monkey and the Fish.” — Stephen Hayner, Professor of Church Growth, Columbia Theological Seminary

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