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The Heartbeat of Rising Influence Churches

October 23, 2013

Rising influence churches show significant innovation in ministry, and they positively impact both their local communities and their pastoral peers. Most are looking for new, meaningful, biblically based ways to describe and measure spirituality. All strive to become better at connecting with, reaching and serving lost people, and most are trying to find new financial models where less of their total budget goes into facility costs. Multisite ministry is almost a given for these churches.

Leadership Network’s paper, The Heartbeat of Rising Influence Churches, previously published by Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“Rising Influence” churches strive to be innovative in ministry and make a significant impact in their local communities.”

“The more effort we put into growing up disciples, the more we grow.”

“Rising influence pastors are deeply concerned about connecting with, reaching and serving lost people.”

“We want to prove that we can become a genuine community, a missional movement of Christ followers, more than the show – and a place where somehow you can monitor our spiritual vitality.”

“We’re always training our people to do outreach. No one does outreach quite like we do, so we’re

gearing up to start a conference to train others in how we do it.”

“Service is the best evangelism you could do.”

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