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The Blogging Church: Sharing the Story of Your Church Through Blogs

January 22, 2007

The Blogging Church: Sharing the Story of Your Church Through Blogs

by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch

The Blogging Church offers church leaders a field manual for using the social phenomenon of blogs to connect people and build communities in a whole new way. Inside you will find the why, what, and how of blogging in the local church. Filled with illustrative examples and practical advice, the authors answer key questions learned on the frontlines of ministry: Is blogging a tool or a toy? What problems will blogging solve? How does it benefit ministry? How do I build a great blog? and Who am I blogging for?

The Blogging Church is a handbook that will inspire and equip you to join the conversation.

The book includes contributions from five of the most popular bloggers in the world—Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, Kathy Sierra, Guy Kawasaki, and Merlin Mann, as well as interviews with blogging pastors such as Mark Driscoll, Craig Groeschel, Tony Morgan, Perry Noble, Greg Surratt, Mark Batterson, and many more.

“I had a lot of questions about blogs and their value for my church. I’m thankful that Brian and Terry are sharing their experiences to answer those questions. Their insights are for everyone in ministry. Whether you are reading blogs, writing blogs, or just trying to figure out how to use the word in a sentence, this book is for you.”–Mark Beeson, senior pastor, Granger Community Church

From author Brian Bailey: How did this book become a reality? It’s an amazing story that I still find hard to believe. It started with a post on my blog, Leave It Behind, in 2004.

Download a sample chapter by clicking the button below — excerpted from The Blogging Church by Brian Bailey with Terry Storch (January 2007, $19.95, paper) by permission of Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Imprint

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