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The Best Time to Be a Leader

July 13, 2010

This series covers a few of the items I discussed with a group of school superintendents back in April, for more background see this post.


I really believe that this is the best time ever to be a leader in our country.


That is true whether you are a business leader, educational leader, church leader, or any other type of leader.



  1. I think the context is such that people are looking for genuine, authentic leadership. It is one of the realities of the current economic and political climate in our country. People will respect leaders that define reality and point the way to a better future.


  1. I think we have the greatest opportunity ever to communicate with others.


Leaders have to have a point of view, a perspective and “a shaping view” that helps people navigate into the future. The good news is that we have multiple free, (or very cheap) ways to express those views unlike the past.


True, Lead Pastors have a “pulpit” or at least a forum to communicate every week with their constituents. School Superintendents thought they weren’t able to do that. I can see their point. With large school systems, hearing a speech or talk from the Superintendent, even if they were just addressing the staffs, would not be an easy meeting to gather weekly.


But wait a second, isn’t technology wonderful.


  • Through blogs, a leader can put their views out there on a daily basis or more. With twitter, they can immediately broadcast helpful information instantly.
  • And for that matter, flip cams, smart phones and even my laptop can record short segment videos to post of the web easily.
  • For those school systems with voice mail systems that are input once and accessed by all, a superintendent could put system wide voice mails to everyone in the system.
  • While many of the schools were pushing emails out to constituencies, some were not. If the email is boring, use less. If it’s exciting and interesting, do more.


Many of them gather their principles and central staff on a regular basis but their eyes were opened when I spoke of our team’s weekly, 30 minute “All Yall” call using a video conferencing system (very affordable) that gathers our team from around the country. If no one has to leave their office, how much more productive is that?


So one of the reasons that I think it’s the best time to be a leader is that we have so many communication venues available to us very inexpensively.

 Dave Travis

Managing Director

Leadership Network

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