Multiplication Center

Project: The Truth Republic
Leader: Carrie Williams


The Truth Republic is making Jesus known by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their calling.

Project Categories

  • Other – Innovative, unique projects that may not fit in an identified category but still fulfill our mission of church multiplication

Big Idea and Overview

TR is an aggregator of tools for women to reach their fullest potential for the sake of the Gospel, their organization, and circles of influence. We equip women by finding experienced female leaders in ministry and creating outlets for their wisdom to be shared with the masses, this includes equipping articles, podcasts, leaders round tables, ministry mentoring, webinars, and more.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Our target audience is engaging, equipping, and empowering women on all levels of ministry involvement, from women serving their neighbors to key volunteers in churches to executive level leaders, and everything in between.

Our mission field is the people that will ultimately be reached and discipled by the women we equip.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

Our key goals and outcomes are as follows:

  1. Our ultimate goal is that The Truth Republic would not need to exist.

  2. We are targeting female leaders and potential leaders who will in turn become the example of fulfilling purpose among the 61% of church population who are female. The more females we have walking in the fullness of God’s call on their lives the more females will recognize that they too can do the same.

  3. We want to bridge the gap that exists for women to be equipped by other women who have more experience than them. Our studies show that the majority of women in vocational ministry lack coaching, mentoring, and personal relationships with leaders who have more experience than them. Our programs are designed to help fill that gap.

  4. We want to grow our Ministry Mentorship program. Our goal for 2022 is to have 100+ women in vocational ministry participate in the program.

  5. One of our goals for the coming 1-3 years is a nationwide conference designed specifically to equip and empower women to fulfill their calling.

Results and

Through our programs we are seeing women being equipped with tools that help them reach their fullest potential for the sake of the Gospel and their organizaitons.

Some of the ways in which we do that:

  • Seasonal Weekly Podcast – Help women go further faster.

  • Equipping Articles – Written by experienced leaders from around the country.

  • Ministry Mentorship Program – Mentorship program for women in vocational ministry. Pilot completed with 19 participants and fruitful results showing growth and development in those who participated. The program launches fall 2021 with the goal of 40+ participants from around the country.

  • Truth Summit – Pilot completed. 3 day, 2 night event for women within churches to clarity their calling.

  • Revive Summit – 3 day, 2 night event for women in vocational ministry focusing on how to have longevity in ministry.

  • Leaders Round Table – A quarterly event with 40+ key female leaders in ministry from around the nation.

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