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The Hidden Costs of Failed Marriages in Your Church

July 14, 2016

As a leader that cares about the marriages in your church, you’re well aware of the spiritual, emotional, and relational costs that surround failed marriages.  The wreckage, pain and loss is devastating in so many ways in those family’s lives, as well as the lives of those close to them.  These are powerful, life-long effects.

But are you counting the “hidden costs” of failed marriages in your church?

Think about this: when families begin to come apart at the seams, the hurting couples and their children require a great deal more time, attention, and resources.  It puts a great strain on you and your team.  Things that are important get overrun by the urgent, and an unseen toll is taken on the church that continually grows over time.

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The sad reality is that most churches get so busy helping distressed couples, they forget to enrich the marriages in their congregation, prepare those who are getting married, and really seek to establish healthy marriages when they start.  What is the opportunity cost there?

Do we need to mention the hard costs that come with resourcing failed marriages and the inevitable loss of those families and their financial gifts?

What if half of the failed marriages in your church could have been saved?  How much and in how many ways would God’s kingdom have been strengthened, not only in those families, but in the congregation and community?  How much would that “save” you, your team, and your church?

How do you swing the pendulum from recovering to preventing failing marriages?  How do you move from a marriage ministry of help to a ministry of health?

We don’t have all the answers, but a relatively small investment on you and your team’s part could yield abundant results.  This September, Leadership Network is launching HUB:Marriage and Healthy Relationships, a 12-month, peer-centered collaborative experience that will help your church strengthen relationships in a changing culture.  This investment of time and resources could be the one thing that helps save more marriages in your church and community than anything you’ve done before.

And for a limited time, you can also save $1000 if you register your team by July 31st!

You get the same value and experience for your team, but now at a cost that is easier on the budget.

I know this opportunity will make a difference in your efforts to further the vision of your church.  Just be sure and click on the button below to learn more and schedule a phone conversation.  Then, if your team qualifies*, complete registration and payment before July 31st.  Include the promo code JULYSALE and the discount is yours!

Still have questions?  Click the button below to learn more!



*HUB:Marriage and Healthy Relationships is designed for churches over 800 in average weekend worship attendance that have an active marriage ministry, are open to new ideas and models, and are looking to collaborate with other leaders and teams.

20150213_John_McGee_0031John McGee, Director of Marriage Ministry at Watermark Church in Dallas, also serves as Director for HUB:Marriage and Healthy Relationships, a 12-month collaborative journey for teams looking to discover new opportunities around marriage, family, and relationships.

The landscape of relationships is going through a sea of change greater than any time in recent history. Change is always accompanied by new and unforeseen opportunity. If your church is interested in rediscovering healthy relationships, building thriving marriages, and working toward family formation to for more information.


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