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Have you seen those signs they put on highways near prisons that tell you not to pick up hitchhikers?

I see those signs and wonder why someone thought the solution to escaped prisoners fleeing the area was to put up signs on the road about hitchhiking?

I want to engage them in conversation. How often is this a problem? Is it possible that a larger underlying problem exists with, say, keeping the prisoners inside the prison compound?

The “easy button” was to put up a sign. The administration personnel can now sleep soundly, knowing they’ve “done their duty.”

Unfortunately, we all know that the sign isn’t solving the real problem. In fact, it makes the issue worse by sending fear into passersby who weren’t at all concerned about escaped convicts until they read the sign.

How often do you hit the easy button? Do you ever choose a quick, simple solution so you can feel better about a situation in the short term while neglecting the hard work and failing to address the real problem? Have situations like this even eroded trust with outsiders?

If worthy solutions were easy, they wouldn’t need bright, talented people like you.

Until next week, Grace & Peace.

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