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The Coming Internet Expansion: Episode 61

September 24, 2013

The Internet as we know it will be history and exciting changes are coming in the next 2 years. An estimated 700+ top-level domains (TLD) will be launching, like .SHOP, .WEB, .HOTEL, .MENU, and many many more.

One TLD of particular interest is .BIBLE, and when that launches, people could get domain names like PREACHING.BIBLE, STUDY.BIBLE or SOCIALMEDIA.BIBLE.

On this episode of Social Media Church, I’ve invited 2 key members of the .BIBLE Registry launch team from the American Bible Society, John Mark Mitchell (Director of Digital Innovation) and Scott Wennermark (Director, Strategic Advancement) to share the back story of how this came about, how the Internet will be changed forever, answer commonly-asked questions, and how you can participate in this opportunity to shape the future of the Internet. (Note: John Mark Mitchell had a new title change soon after post-production.)

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