Testimonial: How Data Helped Shape Ministry Strategies

Published by Leadership Network | August 25, 2019 | 3 min read

Carlos Fojo is the Global Communications Pastor for Christ Journey Church, a multi-site church located in the heart of Miami. In this role, he is leading the charge in understanding how to convert data insights into action. Recently, Carlos participated in our Engagement Accelerator and was introduced to the folks at Gloo. By joining the accelerator and connecting with other ministry leaders, he was able to gain new insights and help Christ Journey Church take a step in the right direction.

Carlos realized the old method of exporting names and zip codes from their database, in order to establish a core for their new sites, really didn’t tell them anything about the people they desired to reach. Did they have leaders? Would they be able to attract people in this community? What were the top needs of those they were trying to reach?

By utilizing the Gloo insights platform Christ Journey began to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Here are 4 key steps they took: 

Gained Insights

The Gloo platform positioned Christ Journey to understand the needs of their church and the community they were trying to reach. Specifically, they realized that a high-percentage of marriages needed help. Providing care and support for those marriages was a value-add for the community. Christ Journey is on a path to understanding their target audience much more thoroughly.

Scrapped their plans

Carlos shared with us that Christ Journey had their teaching series and plans mapped out for the entire year, but based on the Gloo analytics they scrapped those plans. That’s bold and brave! Carlos noted that they shifted these plans in order to “really stack value-adds for the community.”

Added Value

In addition to changing their sermon series plan, they also added value by creating events, bringing in outside speakers, and offering workshops to address the identified needs in the community. Adding value to those in your community and your congregation is not only a way to attract new people, but also maintain and shepherd those whom God has placed in your care. 


By utilizing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) they were able to evaluate an individual’s willingness to promote Christ Journey. The NPS is a metric that many companies use to measure customer loyalty as it relates to a company brand, product, or service. It is also a great tool for churches. Most of our churches grow based on word of mouth, our net promoters. Measuring how well we are doing in this area is a great way to guage effectiveness.  


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