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Team Collaboration: Broadening the Church Leadership Platform

August 7, 2013

The structure of church leadership is changing from a single leader calling all the shots to flattened-hierarchy leadership teams that share crucial strategic and directional responsibilities. Sherry Surratt and Wayne Smith describe the changes taking place with the emergence of team leadership as more church leaders are coming from diverse backgrounds. Leadership Network’s concept paper, Team Collaboration: Broadening the Church Leadership Platform, previously published by Sherry Surratt, Wayne Smith and Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

Here are some great findings from the paper:

– Church planting increasingly happens by teams rather than by solo leaders.

–  An increasing number of key implementers and team leaders are coming from business vs. ministry backgrounds.

– More skills-based placement on leadership teams.

– Less formal ministry training; more Ala carte, on-the-job development.

– Team leadership and emerging leaders will impact all types of churches.

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